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This section is a continuation of Order Entry Set Up. If Set Up has not been done, please do this first and return to this page before continuing.

In the Security settings, there is an option to cancel the creation of a Task Item. It is generally NOT a good idea to allow Task Item creation to be canceled. If this option is activated, it is possible to skip creating a Task Item by clicking Cancel. The order will still be placed for the patient, but without an associated Task Item.

Placing an Order in Order Manager

Placing an Order in Order Manager

With a patient chart and SOAPnote open, Click Docutainers, Order Entry and then Click Order Manager to place an order.

Order Manager Display Window

Order Manager Display Window

Click the Create new Order button.

Place Order Display Window

Place Order Display Window

Type the Shortcut or keyword in the Find field, and Click the Search button. This only searches the local database and does not search the online library.

When the preferred Order Entry item appears in the list of items, Double-click the order list item or Click on the order list item and Click the Select button.



The first time Order Manager is used Click on the plus sign (+) next to Date.

Click on the plus sign (+) next to Set. Notice the " ! " in front of the order. This is a warning that the order has not yet been placed or performed.

To place the order, Click the Order Selected Item Button.

Click to select the user the task needs to be assigned to from the Assigned To drop-down menu, and then Press the Select button. This step can be skipped if Assigned To has been pre-defined.

This completes the placing of the order and replaces the " ! " with a " + ". In most situations, the orders still need to be transferred into the Plan field of the current SOAPnote.

Transferring an Order to the SOAPnote

Transferring an Order to the SOAPnote

Click to highlight the order item to transfer. Next, Click the Transfer to SOAPnote button. A green check mark indicated the order has been transferred to the Plan field of the SOAPnote.

Selecting an Order Design in Document Designer for Faxing and Printing

Selecting an Order Design in Document Designer for Faxing and Printing

An Order Design will need to downloaded from Document Design and selected as the Order Design when faxing and printing. This will be down from the Tools menu item and Clicking on Document Designer.

In Document Designer:

1) Go to the File menu item.

2) Click on Available Designs.

3) In the Find field, search for Orders. You will see two Order Design options; Orders and Orders Universal. Preview Design by Clicking on name of Design to highlight, then Click Ok.

4) If the triangle next to the Design is facing down, the Design will need to be downloaded before used. Click on the blue facing down arrow to download.

With the Order Design displayed in the window, Click on the Edit menu item. Click on Design Properties.

In the Document Design Properties window, Click on the Design Types Tab and Click the bubble next to Order Design and Click Ok. This will save the selected Order Design to the Order Manager.

If more than one Design has been chosen to use for faxing or printing, they will be listed when clicking on the drop down arrow on the faxing and printing button to select. The same list will populate for both faxing and printing.

1) Faxing drop down menu

2) Printing drop down menu

Faxing and Printing an Order

Faxing and Printing an Order

Click on test or procedure to be faxed to highlight your selection. Only one selection can be faxed or printed. Multiple selection is not available at this time.

1) Fax Order

2) Print Order

Fax Contact Window

Fax Contact Window

In this window the provider that is sending the order can be chosen by using the drop-down arrow. Faxing contacts may also be added, edited or removed by clicking on the appropriate button. To fax, Click the Fax button.

1) Add new Fax Contact

2) Edit Fax Contact

3) Remove Fax Contact

Adding Order to Billing Statement

Adding Order to Billing Statement

Adding orders to the Billing Statement is performed from Order Manger. Click on the green plus " + " to add or the red minus sign " - " to remove from from the Billing Statement. Only add orders or procedures to the Billing Statement that have been performed in-house for billing purposes.

Editing an Order

Before placing or performing an order, the user has the option of editing that order. Some order sub-items may be set to default when originally designed. Any of the sub-item default values can be changed within Order Manager prior to placing or performing the order.

Left Click on an order sub-item (i.e. the blue, underlines SMARText Item) in the lower pane of the Order Manager window. This will display the pick list options for the order item in SMARText Quick Access. Click to highlight an Action/Status to be displayed for the order.

This displays a pick list for Action/Status in SMARText Quick Access.

After completing the edits for the sub-items in the order, Click the Order Selected Item button to place or perform the order.

Order Entry Important Notes

1) Order Entry Items can only be entered into charts via the Order Manager or the Quick Insert (F4). They will NOT function properly if entered with shortcut codes directly into the SOAPnote Plan field.

2) Searching for Order Entry Items that are in the online library is not yet possible from within the Order Manager. Only the items that are in the local database are available. This makes downloading of needed orders necessary from within SMARText Items Manager before searching for them in Orders Manager.

3) Order Entry is currently a first phase implementation. Some functions have yet to be implemented.


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