Introduction to HL7 Labs

HL7 Labs are lab reports received electronically from outside lab facilities.  To receive lab results electronically, a "SOAPwareXchangeHL7" license must be purchased.  

HL7 Labs in Patient Charts

HL7 Labs in Patient Charts

Labs sent from outside facilities to SOAPware will display in a patients Chart.

In addition to the lab values and reference ranges, HL7 labs will contain other information within the report:

*Patient demographics

*Collection Date

*Report Generated Date

*Performing Facility Information

Information contained within this report cannot be edited or deleted.

HL7 Lab Tasks

HL7 Lab Tasks

HL7 lab reports placed in the patient chart will automatically create a task and place item on the ordering providers task list.  This can be signed off or reassigned  just as any other task . Note attached to task will say "HL7-facility name".


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