Document Review

Document Review is a workspace in SOAPware where users can review tasks and documents associated those tasks without opening each patient chart.

Document Review Workspace:

Document Review Workspace:

To open the Document Review Workspace, click SOAPware and select Document Review.

This will close the Chart workspace and open Document Review.


The left side of the screen displays the users Task List.  

Task items in this section can be manually created, assigned, reassigned, edited, removed and signed off.  

On the right side of the screen, the document associated to the task selected displays.  Items can be signed off from this section by clicking on the Sign button at the bottom of the screen.  Documents associated with tasks can be displayed for review but cannot be edited from this workspace.  To edit the document click on the Display Chart button at the top of the screen.  This will close the Document Review workspace, open the Chart workspace and automatically open the chart and document that was displayed in Document Review.

Change Docutainers

Change Docutainers

To move to the next or previous docutainer on your task list click on one of the Docutainer buttons located at the bottom of the screen.


The Next or Previous Docutainer on your task last will display.  

If documents are attached to a docutainer,  the two "Document" icons will appear.  This allows navigation between documents in the docutainer.

Return to Chart Workspace

Return to Chart Workspace

Click on SOAPware and select Chart.


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