Examples of Free Text vs. Structured Text

With free-text, each letter is actually an independent object. As far as the computer is concerned, no individual letter or number has any relationship to any other letter or number.

Meaning Behind the Words

When typed using free-text, Amoxicillin and moAcXllicin appear the same to the computer -- both letter groupings are equally meaningless. In contrast, objects in SOAPware can include multiple letters and/or numbers that as a group have been identified and are recognizable to the computer. SOAPware displays the start and end points of a SMARText item (i.e. object) with an open bracket followed by a close bracket. Everything inside those brackets  is considered to be part of the item.

Free Text

Free Text

The image above is a free-text medication. While this entry is functional, it is not considered "meaningful data."

Structured Text

Structured Text

The image above shows the same information, but in a SMARText format that allows the information to easily be inserted into the chart, e-Prescribed, and read by a computer.

Added Value

With SMARText, you will be able to:

Quickly and easily associate information that needs to be grouped together (i.e. a SMARText item of the appropriate type)

Do it all in one location (i.e. a SMARText item of the appropriate type)

Save the item for reuse in the future  (save it in the SMARText library)