Security Auditing in SOAPware

Once Security has been set up and all staff members have a unique login and password, it is possible to track changes and events in SOAPware connecting modifications made to patient information to a specific user.  To be able to search the Audit Logs, a SOAPware Standard or SOAPware Professional license is required.

How to access Security Manager

How to access Security Manager

Note: Only the person with Security Administration rights should access Security Manager.  The Security Login ID and Password are assigned specifically for Setting up Security and to perform a Search Audit log.

Click on the SOAPware Menu Item

Click on Security Manager

How to perform a Search Audit Log

1. Select a Start Date and an End Date for the Audit search

2. Select the User

3. Select the Transaction Type

4. Select a Location.  Note: Location to the name of the computer

5. Click on the Search Button

      -A list of activities will display

6. Inactive Users refers to users who were deleted from the system or whose SOAPware license was inactivated