Drag and Drop Files into SOAPware

Drag and Drop files into almost any area of the patient chart.  You will have the ability to drop a file by either attaching it to an existing docutainer or you can drop directly into an open field.

Restore Down SOAPware

First you must make SOAPware smaller (make sure that you have a chart open) by clicking on the Restore Down button in the upper right hand corner of your SOAPware screen.

Choose the File on Your  Desktop

Choose the File on Your  Desktop

Choose a file that has been stored on your desktop.

Drag and Drop to SOAPware

Left click your mouse button over the file, while continuing to hold the button down, drag the file until your mouse arrow is to the left of the lower tab of your docutainer (in this example we will use a SOAPNote).

The file will look like a black circle with a slash through it.

When your mouse arrow is in the correct location next to the tab, it will look like a small faint box with a small plus, drop it by removing your finger from the mouse button.