Chart Interface Basics - Chart Rack

The Chart Rack is used to search for a patient chart. To open the Chart Rack, use on of these 3 options:

1. Click the Chart Rack Docked Tab

2. Press Control + Shift + C keys

3. Click Chart in the Menu bar, and Click the Chart Rack Menu item

Accessing the Chart Rack

Accessing the Chart Rack

Click on the Chart Rack Docked Tab.

Chart Retrieval

Chart Retrieval

A chart can be retrieved and opened by searching for patient:

1.  Last Name

2. Birth Date

3. Chart #

4. Social Security #

5. Phone #

Also, a chart may be retrieved by using the Alphabet bar by clicking on the corresponding letter of the patient last name.

Open Chart

Open Chart

Double click on the highlighted patient name in list or press the enter key to open chart.