This dialog can be docked for ease of access, and can be set to expand/collapse on demand.  

View - All Refill Requests

View - All Refill Requests

To access the Refill Requests dialog, Click View in the menu bar and Click the All-Refill Requests menu item. This will display the refill requests for All patients for the Active Provider.

Refill Requests

Refill Requests

As the user moves from one refill request to another, the corresponding patient chart is automatically loaded and displayed.

The display is horizontally divided into 4 general areas (from left to right).

  1. Refill Notice

  2. Patient Information

  3. Description

  4. Pharmacy Information

Note: A similar display is also available in Rx Manager. However, that display only shows pending refill requests for the active patient chart at the time the Rx Manager is open.

Refill Notice

The first, or left-most, area of each refill request is the Refill Notice region and can contain Date Requested, Last Fill Date, Provider, and Action-Status rows (i.e. ready to send, scheduled drug, patient match needed etc.) When the refill request is complete and valid the Status will turn Green.  

The Last Fill Date item is optionally sent by the pharmacies. An empty value does not imply the script has not been previously filled by the pharmacy.

NOTE: If a provider elects to no longer receive refill requests electronically, they will need to send an email to [email protected] request that it be disabled.

From that point, the pharmacy will send email requests in the conventional manner, by phone call or fax.

Patient Information

The second area, horizontally, is the Patient Information passed to SOAPware from the pharmacy. When there is a match to a SOAPware chart (automatic or manual) the background is green.  Red indicates the patient information from the pharmacy has not yet been matched to a specific SOAPware chart.


The third area is the Description, and is largely made up of the actual medication-prescription details sent from the pharmacy. The bottom row provides the ability to Approve/Deny, define # of refills and provides an option to send a typed, free-text comment back to the pharmacy.

Pharmacy Information

The fourth area is for the Pharmacy Information.

Refill Requests Buttons - Actions


The Refresh button checks for any new refill requests.


The Send button sends a response for the currently selected refill request.

Delete Request

The Delete Request button presents a dialog explaining that it is preferable to respond to the pharmacy with a Denied reason rather than deleting the request. It is best to then proceed to select one of the valid reasons for denial and add any necessary comments in the available comment box. Again, it is best to submit a Denied response, and this does remove the refill request from the list.

Storing Prescription Information

All the information listed above is stored in the related patient's History section of Rx Manager after being submitted to the pharmacy (or removed).

If there is an active, unsigned SOAP encounter note, the prescriptions will also be transferred to the Medications field.