Billing Reports, PM Tools, and Schedule

All billing reports listed below will be accessible once a site is Read Only and can be exported to PDF or Excel from the print preview.

Custom Reporting will still be accessible in Read Only mode.

Below is the notification of the functions which will no longer be available in Read Only mode:


PM Tools

Once a site is in Read Only view, there will no longer be access to Manage Groups from the Tools menu.  This item will be grayed out along with Security.

Manage Facilities will be accessible under Tools, but the list and options are grayed out once the window is opened.

Although Billing Maintenance items will be accessible and editable, the edits will not be reflected in the SOAPnotes or the billing statements.


In Read Only mode users can view the Schedule, but they can no longer open any appointments or charts from the schedule.  New appointments and charts can no longer be created either.

The schedule can still be printed by going to: Scheduler > Reports > Print Advanced Schedule. Select the facility providers and/or resources, select Extended Report, then enter the date range and click Select.

This report can be exported to Excel in the print preview.


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