Create a Claim from Ledger

If a claim has never been created for charges and insurance information is later added to patient demographics, create a claim from the patient ledger to submit to the payer.

1. Open patient account and Click on the Ledger tab.

2. Click the Create Claim button to open Create Claim dialog.

Select Charges to create a claim

Select Charges to create a claim

3. Click to highlight and select the visit for which you wish to create a claim.

4. If More Info needed, click to add Claim information details.

5. Click the drop down arrow to open listing of all insurance companies associated with the patient, including active or inactive policies. Click to highlight and select the payer responsible for the selected visit.

6. The Routing for the claim will default to the option selected in Insurance Companies setup. You can change that routing here if you prefer to print a paper claim instead of filing an electronic claim.

7. If you wish to open the Claims Manager after creating claim, place a check in the box.

8. Click Create button.

Claim(s) will be transferred to the Claims Manager Pending Scrub section to be scrubbed and then submitted to the payers.