Demographics Tab *

Patient Demographic Information

Patient Demographics

Patient Demographics
  1. Patient Name: Title, First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, Suffix
  2. SSN: Social Security Number
  3. Birth Date: Date of Birth is entered manually, and Age is automatically calculated.
  4. Marital Status
  5. Sex: Patient gender
  6. Race: Important for meaningful use guidelines
  7. Ethnicity: Important for meaningful use guidelines
  8. Language: Important for meaningful use guidelines
  9. Patient Address
  10. Contact Information: Phone and Email
  11. Primary Provider: Provider within the Clinic that is treating the patient
  12. Referring Provider: External provider referring patient to the clinic
  13. Primary Care Physician
  14. Preferred Pharmacy: Default pharmacy for sending the patients prescriptions
  15. Guarantor: Person/Entity that is financially responsible for the patients account and balance
  16. Financial Class: Indication of the patients financial position.
  17. Student Status: Indicates whether the student is an active student
  18. Notes: Enter Internal notes pertaining to patient account
  19. Print: Print patient demographics
  20. Add Scan: Allows documents and forms to be scanned in as part of the patients demographic profile. (The scanned document goes next to the General tab as a reference document.)