End of Day Report

Report the charges, payments and adjustments entered each day, filterable by User or Provider.

End of Day Report Options

End of Day Report Options

1. Select the date to view the transactions that took place on that day.

2. View transaction data by User or Provider.

3. Select from the dropdown whether you want data broken down and displayed by User first and then by Provider, or by Provider first, and then by User. Or leave blank to show all.

End of Day Report Sample

End of Day Report Sample

Details shown on End of Day Reporting:

1. Patient Name and date of service.

2. Procedure and Charge for procedure.

3. Personal payments.

4. Insurance payments.

5. Adjustments on account.

6. Co Pay taken for patient. The gray shaded grid indicates that the co pay was received but not yet applied to the patient account and posted to ledger.

7. Totals by provider.

8. Grand total.