New Charges Tab

Transaction entry for patient charges, payments and adjustments

New Charges Tab

New Charges Tab

1. Add Charges to patient account manually.

2. More Info allows additional details necessary for maximum payment on claims.

3. Edit Charge Details by double clicking the line item.

4. Apply Co-Pay if applicable. (Co-Pays can be taken in Scheduler tab when patient arrives for visit.

5. Add Payment across charges for the active patient.

6. Add an Adjustment to visit.

7. Select Route to file claim-Paper or Electronic. (Defaults to option selected in Insurance Company setup)

8. Any provider Follow-up Comments or instructions entered by the provider on the billing statement will show up here.

9. Enter any Claim Comments to the billing staff when processing claims.

10. Specify the Follow-up Action for the charges posted.

11. Paper Fill: Paper claims only allow for four diagnosis codes per visit. If you have more than 4 codes per visit, you will need to make a selection if you want to use the primary 4 codes and use the fewest pages or if you want to use more than four diagnosis codes and maintain order.

12. Check box to Print a receipt after posting, or click to remove check mark if no receipt is required.

13. Post charges, payments and adjustments to the patients ledger. If Submit to Insurance is selected and there is an active insurance policy for the patient, a claim will be automatically generated.