Flags/Notes Tab

Patient Account: Flags/Notes

Patient Account: Flags/Notes

Flags/Notes can also be created, edited and viewed within the Patient Account (for Clinical Suite customers).  To open the Patient Account, Click Billing > Patient Account.

Select the desired chart from the Chart Rack and click the Select button to open the Patient Account.

When the Patient Account is opened, the Patient Flag! alerts window will display for authorized Users/Roles/Groups.  

Click the X in the top right corner of the Patient Flags! window, or press the ESC key to close the window.

  1. Click the Flags/Notes tab to view the patient's list.
  2. The X button will allow you to remove/delete an existing flag/note from the patient's chart/account.
  3. The Pencil icon will allow you to edit the existing flag/note.
  4. The Add Note button will allow the user to add a new flag/note to the patient's chart/account.