Home Visits

When filing electronic claims for home visits, the 5010 format requires the patient's address as the Service Location. Gateway EDI will plug the patient's address into the outgoing file when receiving a claim with Place of service 12. To set up a facility, certain fields have to be completed in order for claims to pass the scrubbing process in the Claims Manager. Setting up a facility for Home visits, and typing 'Home' in the required fields will allow claims to pass the scrubber.

Create a Facility for Home Visits

1. Type Home or any name for the Facility. (This name will be listed in the drop down options for facility selection).

2. Add Full Legal Name-Home

3. Add Street-Home

4. Enter City-Home

5. State-2 digit State abbreviation

6. Zip-5-9 digit zip code

7. Using the drop down list option, select Place of Service Home-12. This place of service will prompt Gateway EDI to add the patient's address as the Place of Service to the claim file.

Remaining fields can be left blank.This Facility should be selected from the drop down list in More Info when posting charges for Home visits.

Enter Charge for Home Visit

1. Click New Visit.

2. More Info.

3. Using the drop down list option, select Home for Facility, and Save.

4. Add Charges as shown in Enter Charges Manually.