Tertiary Claims

Filing tertiary claims is a manual process and should be done only after primary and secondary claims have been processed by the payers. The quickest way to generate a tertiary claim can be done in the Claims tab within the patient account.

Add Tertiary Policy Information

Add Tertiary Policy Information

1. Click the Insurance tab.

2. Add New Insurance and select Tertiary for the Policy Status.

Select Claim

Select Claim

1. Click the Claims tab.

2. Click to highlight the Claim.

3. Place a check mark next to On Hold.

4. File With should be Secondary.

5. Using the drop down list in Secondary Policy section, click to highlight the Tertiary Policy, and close the patient account.

Rebuild Claim

Rebuild Claim

1. Open Claims Manager and click on Working tab.

2. Find claim in the On Hold section and click to highlight.

3. Rebuild claim.

Print Tertiary Claim

1. Scrub claim.

2. Print Claims.