Enter Charges Manually

Visits that are not normally entered in the patient chart, such as hospital visits, nursing home visits, etc.can be manually entered in the New Charges tab.  

Go to Billing -> Enter Charges

Add a New Visit

Click the New Visit button

More Info-Owner Information for Manual Charge Entry

More Info will default to the Active Provider  as the Owner/Rendering Provider. If the Rendering Provider of service is anyone other than the Active Provider, you can override this by clicking on the Providers tab and selecting that provider from the drop down list. If the rendering provider is the same as the active provider, this must be blank.

More Info-Facility Information for Manual Charge Entry

More Info->Facility will automatically populate with the Active Facility selected in the Scheduler. For single facility users, the work flow will not change. If visits or charges are created for facilities outside the main facility (physical address indicated in Manage Groups), those facilities will still have to be selected in Providers tab->Service Facility.

More Info->Owner will automatically populate with the Active Provider, and can be overridden in the Providers tab, if applicable.

Additional claim details should be added at this time in order to be applied at the claim level, or to all charges for this visit. Check the boxes that apply in the top section, or click on the appropriate tabs to add information specific to the current visit. The Dates tab is shown in this example. Hospital admit/discharge dates, injury dates, etc. can be added here.

Details are at the claim level. Information specific to the charge level should be added in charge details.

Enter Charges from Billing Menu

  • Click the Add Charge button to Open the Select Charge dialog
  • Begin typing the Charge code in the box or Click inside the Description to Search the code data base. Click on the code from the list to insert it into the field
  • Click on the Select button, or hit the enter key on your keyboard

Add New Charge Details, including ICD-9/Diagnosis codes and Modifiers

Charge Details dialog will open for adding/editing New Charge. If a field is not grey/inactivated, it can be edited for corrections or changes

  • Click the Add Code button to Add a Diagnosis/ICD-9 code to the New Charge. Begin Typing the code or Click to search. When the correct code is in the field, Click the Select button or use the Enter key on the keyboard to select a Diagnosis.  
  • Add a Modifier to the New Charge, Click the Add Code button. Begin Typing the code or Click to search. When the correct code is in the field, Click the Select button or use the Enter key on the keyboard to select a Modifier and Enter again to add another code.    
  • Check Omit box only if you want to exclude this charge from claim file.  
  • Enter additional Charge information if applicable in appropriate tab. These tabs apply to the charge level. If information is specific to the claim level, enter that in More Info.
  • The Facility will default to active facility/facility selected in More Info.
  • Click the Save button to save data.



Post New Charges to Patient Ledger

  • Insurance demographics display in the lower section of the new charges tab, and the Follow Up Action will default to Submit to Insurance. This can be changed to  Do Not File-Patient Responsibility, if you do not want to submit visit to insurance.
  • The route for the primary insurance will default to the route specified in the Insurance Companies setup. If you want to change the route, you can do that at this time.
  • Mark as Incomplete to avoid accidentally posting a visit that needs additional information. Remove check mark when complete and ready to post.
  • Enter any claim comments for internal use. (Will not print on claims)
  • Add a payment  or apply a co-pay
  • Click the Post button to apply charges to the Patient Ledger.

The Patient  Ledger Tab will open and the New charge(s) will be shown in the ledger.

Note: The insurance claim is created at this point. If any changes are made to the charge(s) while the claim is in the Pending Scrub section prior to uploading the claim to the payer, the claim must be placed into the On Hold section and rebuilt before the changes will be applied to the claim. Otherwise, it will be submitted the way it was at the time of posting the visit.