6. CPT® Code Maintenance (Block 24D)

Located in the Tools menu -> Billing Maintenance ->CPT Maintenance

CPT®  Code Maintenance  

Maintain CPT codes. Assign NDC codes, CLIA numbers to CPT codes.

CPT®  Search by Code

Begin typing the CPT code in the CPT Look up and as you type, the codes and short descriptions are listed.

CPT® Search by Description

Begin typing the CPT description in the Short Description Look up and as you type, the codes and short descriptions are listed.

Create a Custom CPT®  Description

1. After selecting a CPT code, Place a check mark if you wish to use the custom descriptions when searching for this code.

2. Begin typing a short description of your choice for this selected CPT code.

Note:  Only complete this section if using descriptions other than the original short descriptions for the CPT code.

Inactivate a CPT®  code

To inactivate a CPT Code, place a check mark in the Inactive box. This will not completely remove it from the data base, but will remove it from the list. See Hide/Show Inactive CPT Codes.

Hide/Show Inactive CPT®  Codes

If a code had been Inactivated and is no longer going to be used, it can be hidden when viewing the Code List by placing a check mark in the Hide Inactive Codes box.

View All CPT®  Descriptions

To view all descriptions associated with CPT codes in the Code List, Click the radio button next to Full View. Included in the list will be any Custom Short, Medium or Long  descriptions if the Use Custom Descriptions is selected when Creating a Custom CPT Description .

CPT®  Effective, Modified or Deactivation Date

1. Effective date column lists the year the code is in effect.

2. Modified Date column lists the date the code was last modified.

3. When a CPT code is discontinued Deactivation Date column will list the date it was discontinued

Note: The dates are automatically inserted.