Transfer Credit Balance

Transfer a credit on one visit and apply to another visit.

Note: Adjustment codes will have to be set up in Adjustment Maintenance beforehand

Adjust Credit

Adjust Credit
  1. Open the Ledger tab.
  2. Select the visit with a credit and click to highlight.
  3. Click on the Add Adjustment button.



4. Type adjustment code .

5. Click the arrow on the line with the credit and type '-' and then the amount to transfer. In our example we typed -2.00

The total amount in the Applied column will display in parentheses (2.00)

6. Click Save.

7. Click Add Adjustment button.

Apply Credit

Apply Credit

8. Select adjustment code.

9. Click arrow in Applied column on charge to apply credit, and type amount.

10. Save transaction.

View Ledger after Transfer

View Ledger after Transfer

View visits showing credit and debit transaction on visits, and adjustment details.