A/R Patient Report

A report showing all patient A/R, searchable by selecting a specific Guarantor or Patient, Patient Account Number, and Filtered by either Patient or Insurance amount or Both. Also filterable by Aging Category of Current, 30, 60, 90, 120 days or All, as well as setting a particular dollar range for the Type or Aging.

A/R Patient Report Options

A/R Patient Report Options

1. Create an A/R Patient report for a particular Guarantor.*

2. Create an A/R Patient Report for a selected Patient. *

3. Create an A/R Patient Report for a particular patient, by entering their Account Number.*

4. Filter your report by any or all of the below options. These categories build on one another. The range at the bottom will search based on the specific options that are selected in both Type and Aging. Leave all fields blank to get the full A/R reporting.

   Type - Patient, Insurance, Both: Select one of these options to filter. Filter just the Patient balance or the Insurance balance or Both together.

   Aging - Current, 30 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days, 120 Days, All: Select an aging category to filter.

   Balance Range Start and End: The amount range entered here will apply to the options selected in Type and Aging. For example, if you wanted to filter for any Insurance balance that has been outstanding for 120+ days that is greater than $1,000, you would select Insurance for Type, 120 Days for Aging and enter 1,000 for the Balance Range Start.


5. Click Okay when finished.  

* If these fields are left blank, the report engine will search the entire patient database, based on the criteria entered at the bottom.

A/R Patient Report Sample

A/R Patient Report Sample

1. Each patient shown will indicate the Patient A/R breakdown with totals and the Insurance A/R breakdown with Totals.

2. For each Guarantor (Family), there will be a total of all of the dependent's Patient A/R, as well as the totals of all of the dependent's Insurance A/R.

3. At the bottom, there will be a total Family Balance which is a total of both the overall Patient A/R balance and the overall Insurance A/R balance.