Installing the myHEALTHware Fax Application

1. Log in to myHEALTHware as an Administrator

To purchase and install the myHEALTHware Fax application, you will need to log in to myHEALTHware as a user who contains administrative privileges.

2. Access the Organization

  1. To access your clinic organization settings, click the drop down arrow next to the name displayed in the top right corner.  
  2. Select the organization so that the display shows you are acting as the organization.

*Notes: The organization name will only be an option for users with permission to edit organization settings.

3. Install the myHEALTHware Fax App

  1. Click on the Marketplace tab under the My Apps panel.
  2. Click the Install App button.

4. Choose a Fax Plan

3. Choose a Fax Plan

Next, you'll need to choose the fax plan for your clinic.  One fax telephone line including up to 500 pages of faxes is $50.00/month (additional pages are 3 cents per page).  

If you have a discount code that you wish to apply to the order, click Apply a discount code.

Once you have chosen your fax plan, simply click the Setup fax number button to move to the next step.

5. Setup a Fax Number

4. Setup a Fax Number

You have two options when choosing your fax number for myHEALTHware.  You can use an existing fax number or you can create a new fax number.

First, let's look at the steps to setup myHEALTHware Fax with your existing fax number.  Click the "I want to use an existing fax number".

(a) Using an Existing Fax Number

If you are currently using Updox faxing and you want to cancel Updox and convert your Updox fax number to a myHEALTHware fax number, click on "I have an existing Updox fax number".  Once you convert your Updox fax number, you will no longer receive incoming faxes into Updox; they will come in to myHEALTHware.  In addition, your billing through Updox will automatically be turned off and converted into a myHEALTHware billing plan.

To proceed with canceling your Updox Faxing and activating myHEALTHware Fax, enter your Updox username and password, then click Next.

*Note: If you are an Updox Fax customer and you wish to try out myHEALTHware Fax, but also keep your Updox account active for this trial period, please chose "I want to setup a new fax number" in Step 4 above.  This will create a new temporary myHEALTHware fax number during the trial period. After the 30 day trial period, you will be charged by both Updox and myHEALTHware until you fully transition your fax number to myHEALTHware.

- Other Existing Fax Number

If you have a land line fax number that you wish to convert to your myHEALTHware fax number, click the "My fax number is not with Updox" button.  

"Porting" your fax number allows you to pull your fax number from its current carrier and make it a part of your myHEALTHware account.  There are benefits to using your existing fax number, but there are also items that you should take into consideration before beginning the process.  SOAPware suggests that you carefully read the documentation at the following link before beginning the process of porting your fax number.  If you decide to continue with the porting of your fax number, you will email our training team with several pieces of information to begin the process.  The process can take about 14 days to complete and will require you to submit the following information:

  • Number to Port
  • Authorizing Person
  • Exact Name/Address (Used for billing on that account)
  • Account #: (The account number with the current carrier for the number you wish to port.)
  • Billing Phone #: (The contact phone number the current carrier has on file for your account.)
  • Current Carrier
  • A copy of the most recent bill for service on that line
  • A completed copy of our letter of authorization (LOA)

The complete process of porting your fax number can be found and followed by clicking here.  Please submit the above requested information to to initiate the porting process. Please contact our SOAPware Training Department if you need assistance.

When you have decided that you wish to port your fax number and you are beginning the porting process, enter your existing fax number with area code, then click Next.

(b) Create a New Fax Number

(b) Create a New Fax Number

If you would like to create a new fax number to use with myHEALTHware, click on "I want to setup a new fax number".

- Choose a Fax Number

- Choose a Fax Number

To choose your fax number, enter your area code to see a list of available options.

- Select Fax Number

- Select Fax Number

Select the fax number that you wish to use by clicking on the radio button next to your desired number.  Click Next to continue.

6. Enter Payment Information

5. Enter Payment Information

Next, you'll need to enter a payment method to be billed for your monthly service charges.  Choose either Credit Card or Bank Account to add a payment method.

- Credit Card

- Credit Card

If you will be using a Credit Card as your myHEALTHware Fax payment method, enter the appropriate information, then click Add.

- Bank Account

- Bank Account

If you will be using a draft from a bank account as your myHEALTHware Fax payment method, choose to validate your bank account by either signing in to your bank account online or manually verifying your bank account using micro-deposits.

  • Sign In to Bank Account: myHEALTHware support instant account verification for a growing list of banks. If your bank is supported and you have online access, then choosing the sign-in option is the quickest way to link your account.
  • Manually Verify Bank Account: Manually verifying an account using micro-deposits is support for all banks though it requires 1-2 business days to complete. If you're unable to sign in to a supported bank account, the manual verification is required.

- Manually Verify Bank Account

- Manually Verify Bank Account

If you unable to use the "Sign In to Bank Account" option because your bank is not supported, simply click the "Manually Verify" option and enter your Routing Number, Account Number, Account Holder Name, and Account Holder Type.

Two small deposits will be made in your account within 1-2 business days.  Please review the deposit amounts and return to this screen to verify your account.  No charges can be made until bank account verification is complete.

7. Review and Confirm Purchase

6. Review and Confirm Purchase

Review and confirm your purchase order details.  

- Applying a Discount Code

- Applying a Discount Code

If you have a discount code and did not apply it in Step3, enter the discount code, then click the checkmark button to save.

If a discount code has been added and approved, it will be displayed.  If everything is correct, click the Place Order button to proceed.

8. Set Security Permissions for myHEALTHware Faxing

7. Set Security Permissions for myHEALTHware Faxing

myHEALTHware Faxing has been successfully installed.  Next you'll need to designate staff members to manage your incoming and sent faxes.  Choose the roles you wish to grant this permission to, then click Finish.

myHEALTHware Faxing is Installed and Ready for Use!

You can now use myHEALTHware Faxing.  A new tab will be added to your My Apps panel.  Click the Fax tab to begin.