Invite Patients to Enroll in myHEALTHware using Email Address

Q: How do I enroll a patient in myHEALTHware with their email address?

New myHEALTHware Patient Enrollment Options

Based on feedback from our users, SOAPware is announcing the new alternative enrollment options for myHEALTHware!

There are now three (3) options for enrolling your clinic staff and your patients in myHEALTHware. These include:

  1. Enroll by Email
  2. Enroll by Text Message
  3. Enroll by Voice Call

Follow the instructions below to enroll patients using the desired enrollment option.

Option 1: Enroll Patients using Email Address

1. Enter the Patients Email Address

To invite a patient to enroll in myHEALTHware using email, open the chart and enter the patient's email address into the Email field within Demographics.

2. Send the Patient a myHEALTHware Invitation

Click on the myHEALTHware icon located on the left side of the chart tab (as seen in the screenshot above).

  1. Select the Invite by Email option by clicking the Envelope icon.
  2. Enter the patients email address (if the email address was filled out in the patients demographics section, this box will be defaulted to contain that same email address).
  3. Select the patients Role by choosing either Basic Subscription or Premium Subscription.  For more information on these two options, please see: Change the Patient's Subscription Level (Basic vs. Premium).
  4. Click the Invite button.

3. Invitation Pending Acceptance

Once the invitation has been sent to the patient, the myHEALTHware status will display as "Invitation Pending Acceptance" (see the screenshot above). It will remain in this status until the patient has accepted the invitation and completed the myHEALTHware registration process.

4. Patient: Accept Email Invitation

The patient will receive an email from myHEALTHware (  Included in the email will be a link where they can accept the invitation and complete the registration process.  The patient should click on the Accept Invitation button, or the link that is provided,(or copy and paste the link into their browser), to complete the registration process.  

*Note: For security and privacy purposes, this link will only be valid for 5 days after which it will expire.  If the patient does not complete the enrollment process before the invitation expires, you can resend the invitation from their SOAPware chart.

5. Patient: Complete myHEALTHware Registration

After the patient opens the link from the invitation email, they will be asked to either:

  • Sign Up with myHEALTHware by creating a new account or
  • Log In to myHEALTHware using an existing account.

- Sign Up

Clicking the Sign Up button will allow the patient to create a new myHEALTHware account.  This will also connect their myHEALTHware account to their SOAPware chart.  

The patient will need to complete the following information:

  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Create a New User name
  • Create a New Password
  • Confirm Password

The patient must also read and agree to the myHEALTHware Terms & Conditions.  After completing this information, the patient should press the Continue button to proceed.

- Log In

Clicking the Log In button will allow the patient to enter their existing myHEALTHware user name and password and connect their existing myHEALTHware account to your clinic's organization and their SOAPware chart.

6. Patient: Log In

After completing the registration process, the patient will log in to myHEALTHware.

The patient can also log in to myHEALTHware by entering their new user name and password at

7. Patient Connected!

Congratulations!  Your patient is now connected to your myHEALTHware organization.  Once the patient is connected, the myHEALTHware status will display as "Basic Patient" or "Premium Patient" (see the screen shot above).

You can now send communication to this patient via myHEALTHware Conversations.  In addition, you can upload a Summary for your patient to review as documents are signed off.