Delete or Archive a Fax

Delete vs Archive

myHEALTHware Fax gives you the option to delete a fax or archive a fax.

  • Delete a Fax: Permanently deletes a fax from your Fax Inbox and from myHEALTHware.
  • Archive a Fax: Moves the fax to an archive folder in myHEALTHware, but allows the fax to remain accessible in the future.

Delete a Fax

To delete a fax from your inbox.  Select the fax by clicking on it, then choose Delete Fax. This will permanently delete the fax from the myHEALTHware system.

Archive a Fax

To archive a fax, select the fax by clicking on it, then choose Archive Fax. This will place the fax in an archive status.

- View an Archived Fax

- View an Archived Fax

To view a list of your archived faxes, click the Filter drop-down menu, then select Archived.

- Unarchive a Fax

To move the fax back to your Fax Inbox, select the fax, then choose Unarchive Fax.