Start a New Conversation

Q:  How do I start a new conversation with a patient?

1. Start a New Conversation

1.  Start a New Conversation
  1. If you wish to send a conversation on behalf of your clinic to a patient, ensure that you have the clinic selected from the "You are acting as" drop-down.
  2. Click on the New Conversation button.

2. Enter New Conversation Information

3.  Enter New Conversation Information
  1. To: Begin typing the name of the user you would like to send the conversation to.  *Note: New conversations can only be sent to users to whom you have as a contact and are connected to on myHEALTHware.  For information on how to add a new connected contact, please see: Invite a Contact to Connect with you on myHEALTHware. For instructions on inviting a patient to connect in myHEALTHware, please see: Managing Patient Accounts in myHEALTHware.
  2. Topic: Enter a topic for your conversation.
  3. Message: Type your message to the patient in the box provided.
  4. Attachments: If desired, click the Attach a File button to include an attachment.  For instructions on attaching a file to a conversation, please see: Attach a File to a Conversation.
  5. Click Send.

3. Message Stored to Conversations Inbox

4.  Message Stored to Conversations Inbox

The new conversation will be stored in your Conversations inbox.

4. Conversation Details

5.  Conversation Details

To view the details of your new conversation, simply click on the conversation that is located in your inbox.