Patient: Make a Payment to the Clinic in myHEALTHware

Make a Payment Video

Patient Payments

Your patients can make a payment by logging into their myHEALTHware account and clicking on the Payments tab as described below.

If the patient doesn't have a myHEALTHware account, they can make a payment as a Guest. For instructions on making a guest payment, see: Patient: Make an Online Payment to the Clinic using a Web Address

Log in to myHEALTHware

Log In to myHEALTHware

To make a payment in myHEALTHware, the patient will first need to log in at

Make a Payment

Make a Payment

To make a payment, the patient will:

  1. Click on the Payments tab.
  2. Click Make a Payment.
Make a Payment #2

The patient will then be asked to enter the following information for their payment:

  • Reference #: This will be the account number, invoice number, or other reference number that the clinic may have provided to the patient on their statement or bill.
  • Amount: The patient will enter the amount they wish to pay.
  • Comments: The patient can enter any comments to go along with their payment.  The patient comments are displayed for the clinic to view.

After entering the above information, the patient will need to add a payment method. See Add a Payment Method below for instructions.

Add a Payment Method

Payment Method

The patient can enter a payment method of either Credit Card or Bank Account.  In addition, the patient can choose to save their payment method for future use.

- Use a Credit Card

Credit Card

When Credit Card is selected, the patient will need to enter their Card Number, Security Code, Expiration Date, Zip Code and the Name on Card.  Click Add to enter the payment.

- Use Bank Account

Bank Account

If the patient chooses to use a Bank Account as their payment method, they will have two options to verify their account information.  

Option 1: The patient can sign in to their online bank account.  This option is available only for the banks listed.

Option 2: The second option is to manually verify their bank account by allowing two micro-deposit to the account.

Choosing the option to manually verify the bank account will prompt the patient to enter their bank account information, as seen in the screenshot above.

Once this information is added, two small deposits will be made into the bank account within 1-2 business days.  The patient will need to review the deposits and return to myHEALTHware to verify the account before any payments can be accepted from the account.

Finalize the Payment

Finalize Payment

Once a payment method has been entered, it will display at the bottom of the Make a Payment window.  To confirm the payment, the patient will click the Pay button.

- Payment Confirmation


A payment confirmation window will display that includes a confirmation number for reference.

The patient can also choose to email a receipt for the patient to the email address displayed or entered. Click OK to finish.

- Patient Receipt


The patient is emailed a receipt for their payment.  See example of a receipt above.

Viewing Payment History

Payment History

A patient can view a history of their past payments by clicking the (1) Payments tab. The view of payments can be filtered to view (2) All, Archived, or Unread payments.  In addition, the patients can filter their view by payment date.

- View Payment Details

Payment Details

To view the payment details, the patient can click the arrow to expand the information. The details will display the status date of the payment, the type of payment, the reference number, confirmation number, and amount of the payment.

Payment Actions


The Actions menu contains the following options for the patient:

  1. Make a Payment: The patient can make another payment to the clinic.
  2. Manage Payment: The patient can edit their payment method or add a new payment method.
  3. View Receipt: The patient can view and print a receipt for the payment.
  4. Download Receipt: The patient can download their receipt to their computer.
  5. Mark as Unread/Read: The patient can mark the payment as either Unread or Read.
  6. Archive Payment: If the patient wishes to remove the payment from the main view, they can Archive the payment, which will file it into an archive folder.