myHEALTHware Marketplace

myHEALTHware Marketplace is where you can add applications to customize your account and purchase products offered by healthcare organizations you are connected with. Watch this space in the future as we add exciting offers.

myHEALTHware Applications Currently Available

myHEALTHware Applications Currently Available

myHEALTHware Mobile

myHEALTHware Mobile allows clinics and their patients to access myHEALTHware Conversations directly from your Apple or Android device using our mobile app. For more information on downloading and using the myHEALTHware mobile app see: myHEALTHware Mobile App.


The SOAPware app is installed for clinics utilizing the myHEALTHware integration.  It is required for clinic staff members to install the SOAPware app in order to represent the clinic as a staff member in myHEALTHware.  This app is automatically installed as the clinic staff member creates their account using the myHEALTHware Account Wizard in SOAPware.

Direct Secure Messaging

Installing the Direct Secure Messaging app allows the clinic to send HIPAA compiant secure messages from their myHEALTHware account via the open standard Direct Project protocol as required for meaningful use.  This allows SOAPware/myHEALTHware clinics to securely communicate with colleagues who are using a different, Direct Project compliant, EHR system.