Attach a File to a Conversation

Q: How do I attach a file to a conversation?

1. New Conversation

New Conversation
  1. If you wish to send a conversation on behalf of your clinic to a patient, ensure that you have the clinic selected from the "You are acting as" drop-down.
  2. Click on the New Conversation button.

2. Attach a File

Attach a File

Within the New Conversation box, click on + Attach a file.  

3. Select the File

4.  Select the File
  1. Locate the file on your computer.
  2. Select/highlight the file.
  3. Click Open.

*Note: A maximum of 5 files or 25.0 Mb total size can be attached to a conversation.

4. Send the Conversation

5.  Send the Conversation

To send the conversation with the attachment, click the Send button.

5. Attach a File to an Existing Conversation

6.  Attach a File to an Existing Conversation

Click on the conversation you would like to add an attachment to from your conversations list.

  1. Click + Attach a file and add an additional message if you would like. Double-click on the image or file you would like to additionally add from your computer to add to an existing conversation.  
  2. Click Send.

*Note: A user can remove a file/image added, or can add multiple attachments to an existing conversation (5 max), however the total size cannot exceed 25.0 Mb.