Start a New Personal Conversation

Q:  How do I start a new conversation?

1.  Start a New Conversation

As a patient, there are two methods of starting a coversation:

  1. Personal Conversation: To start a personal conversation with a family member or caregiver that you are connected to in myHEALTHware, click New Conversation. The remaineder of this lesson will focus on sending a conversation to a personal contact.  See instructions below.
  2. Clinic Conversation: To start a conversation with your clinic, click on New Medical Question. For further instructions on sending a message to your clinic, please see: Send the Clinic a Secure Message to Ask a Medical Question.

2.  Complete the Conversation

2.  Complete the Conversation
  1. To: Enter the name of the user you would like to send the conversation to.  *Note: You can only send a new conversation to users that you have in your Contacts list and are Connected with.  For instructions on adding and connecting with a contact, please see: Add a Contact to my Account.
  2. Topic: Enter the topic for your conversation.
  3. Message: Enter the message for your conversation.
  4. Attachments: If desired, click the Attach a File button to include an attachment.  For instructions on attaching a file to a conversation, please see: Attach a File to a Conversation.
  5. Click the Send button to send your message.

3.  Message Stored to Conversations Inbox

The new conversation will be stored to your Conversations inbox. Click on the All tab to view the conversation.

4.  Conversation Details

To view the details of your new conversation, simply double-click on the conversation that is located in your inbox.

Actions for the conversation are available in the Actions menu on the right side of the screen.