Download the myHEALTHware Mobile App from an App Store!

Available on Apple App Store and Google Play

myHEALTHware Mobile allows clinics and patients to access myHEALTHware Conversations, Medical Summaries, News, and Drive files directly from their Apple or Android device using the mobile app.  Download the new myHEALTHware app in the Apple or Google App stores by searching for "myHEALTHware" or by clicking on this link from your mobile device.  

Tap the "myHEALTHware" application to log in to your account.


Tap the Login button to sign in with an existing myHEALTHware account.

*Note: If you do not have an existing myHEALTHware account, you can create a free account by using the invitation from your clinic.  If you do not have an invitation to join myHEALTHware, contact your clinic to request one.

Enter your myHEALTHware UserID and Password, then click Log In.

Create PIN

Next you will create a 4-digit security PIN.  This PIN will be used each time you access the myHEALTHware app.  After choosing your PIN, you will be logged in to the myHEALTHware app.

Main Menu

Upon log in, you will be viewing the Patient Main Menu.  This gives you access to view personal conversations, drive files, your medical summaries, and myHEALTHware News articles.

  1. Conversations: Tapping on Conversations will open your Conversations inbox.  This will allow you to view and respond to messages that have been sent to you by the clinic.  In addition, you can send the clinic a secure message by asking a medical question.
  2. Drive: Tapping on Drive will open your personal Drive folders and Contacts.
  3. Medical Summaries: Tapping on Medical Summaries will allow the patient to view all Medical Summaries that have been uploaded to their myHEALTHware account.
  4. News: Tapping on News will open the myHEALTHware News website.
  5. Settings: Settings allows you to change your PIN number or log out of the myHEALTHware application.