Send the Clinic a Secure Message to Ask a Medical Question

Ask a Medical Question Feature

The Ask a Medical Question feature is a feature that your clinic can choose to enable or disable for patient use.

If your clinic has this feature enabled, follow the instructions below to submit a secure message to the clinic using the Ask a Medical Question feature.

1. Open Conversations

From the Actions column on the right, select Ask a Medical Question.

2. Select the Clinic

2. Select the Clinic

Using the drop-down menu, select the clinic that you wish to send a message to.

3. Enter Your Topic and Question

Enter the topic of your message to the clinic, as well as your question.

If you wish to attach a file to send to the clinic (ie: an image or other document), click the +Attach a File button and choose the file that you wish to attach.

Click the Send button to send your secure message to the clinic.

4. Set Your Notification Preferences

Once your message has been sent to the clinic, they will receive the message and can submit a response.  We recommend that you set up your notification preferences so that you will be notified by email or text message when the clinic responds to your message.  For instructions on setting your notification preferences, please see: Set My Notification Preferences.

5. Archive Conversation

5. Archive Conversation

After the clinic has responded to your message, they may archive or leave the conversation.  Once the clinic has left the conversation, they will not see any additional responses or questions that are posted to the conversation.  If the clinic has left the conversation, you should submit a new conversation by following the steps above to post any additional questions.