This guide is meant to be a "road map" for SOAPware users to plan how to achieve Meaningful use. The following lessons will guide users through each requirement and how to meet that requirement in SOAPware.

Registration and Attestation

In order for an eligible provider (EP) to receive the Medicare EHR incentive payment during Stage One (2011-2012), the provider must:

  1. Request the "CMS EHR Certification ID" for SOAPware.
  2. Register for the Meaningful Use incentive program.
  3. Meet Meaningful Use criteria using SOAPware 2011/2012.
  4. Attest to Meaningful Use.

Core Set Objectives

The first set of 15 requirements presented in this road map are all required for Meaningful Use.

The second set of 10 requirements presented in this road map allow you to choose 5 (five) out of the 10 (ten) requirements.

Stage 1 Changes

CMS recently announced some changes to the Stage 1 meaningful use objectives, measures and exclusions for eligible professionals.  Some of these changes will take effect on January 1, 2013, for EPs and other Stage 1 changes will not take effect until the 2014 fiscal or calendar year and will be optional in 2013.  Please review the following CMS Stage 1 Changes Tipsheet for more information on the changes to Stage 1 meaningful use objectives, measures and exclusions.

Version Recommendations

SOAPware 2011 and 2012 are the only versions of SOAPware that are certified for meaningful use.  Version prior to 2011 cannot be used to qualify for meaningful use.

IMPORTANT:  It is always recommended that the latest version of SOAPware be utilized. This will ensure that the requirements for specific Meaningful Use capabilities are met, and will also provide access to feature updates as well as bug fixes.


SOAPware, Inc. cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information presented herein. Independent research and verification of all information is necessary to ensure compliance with all Meaningful Use requirements.