Statement Report

Q: How do I print patient statements?

1. Select the Statement Report

1. Select the Statement Report

The statement report will allow the user to run individual or batch statements by patient or guarantor.

To run the report, click on the Billing menu then select Reports and Statement Report.

2. Select Report Options & Run

2. Select Report Options & Run
  1. Minimum Balance: Set a minimum balance by which to send statements out. This will not allow any statement to print if the balance is less than the minimal set here.
  2. Group: Print batch statements by Provider or Group.
  3. Patient: Print individual statements for a select Patient.
  4. Guarantor: Print individual statements by a select Guarantor.
  5. Date Range: Select for aging on statements to calculate based on the Date of Service or the Posted Date of each charge.
  6. Search Guarantor: Run batch statements alphabetically by Guarantor/Patient Last Name Range. (Statements will be grouped by Guarantor.)
  7. Remit To: Select the Remit To facility for receiving patient payments.
  8. Notes: Enter any note that you would like to go on every statement within the batch selected.
  9. Do not show tax id: Check to not include the Tax ID on patient statements.
  10. Do not show pending insurance items: Check to NOT include any charges that are pending insurance.
  11. Top Margin: If using any kind of perforated paper to send out patient statements and need to adjust the margins, enter the number that matches up with your statement paper.
  12. Submit Via Clearinghouse: If sending statements to Gateway EDI for them to print out and mail for you, check this box to upload the statement batch.
  13. Testing: If needing to send a test batch of statements to Gateway EDI, check this box prior to sending.
  14. Click the OK button to run the report.

*Note: If a patient has a personal balance but is not included in the statement batch, verify that the Do Not Send Statements check box is not selected. This is located under the Statements tab in the patient's account.

Batch Statement Summary

The first page of the Statement report will display the Batch Statement Summary page.

3. Print/Export Patient Statements

  1. Click on the patient name on the left hand side to view the individual statement.
  2. Print the statements.
  3. Export/Save the statements.
  4. Click the Close Print Preview button to close the statement print preview window.

4. Confirm Save to Database

4. Confirm Save to Database
  • Click Yes to save a copy of each statement in the associated patient account.
  • Click No to not save a copy of each statement in the associated patient account, and re-run the statement batch.

5. Close the Statements Dialog

5. Close the Statements Dialog

Click the Close button.