Payment Summary Report

Q: How do I run a payment summary report?

1. Select the Payment Summary Report

1. Select the Payment Summary Report

The payment summary report will display a list of payments that have been entered during a specified time period.

To run the duplicate report, click on the Billing menu then select Reports and Payment Summary.

2. Select Report Options & Run

2. Select Report Options & Run
  1. Start/End Date: Select the date range for the payment summary.
  2. User: If you wish to run the payment summary report for payment entered by a particular user, select the desired user for the drop-down menu.  If you wish to see payment entered by all users, leave this selection blank.
  3. Exclude Posted Date: "Posted Only" refers to payments that were officially posted on the current date, but were entered on a different (previous) date. This situation would occur if you took a pre-payment for a patient and deposited the payment, but you did not officially post the payment to the patient's account that day (it remained in the Unapplied Pre-Pay balance). When you run the payment summary report, you can choose to include (by unchecking the box) or exclude (by checking the box) the "posted only" payments.
  4. Group by User: Checking this box will group the payment by the user who entered the payment.
  5. Click the OK button to run the report.

Description of Report

  1. Payment Summary Details: The header will list the payment summary date range, run date and user.
  2. Payment Type: This bold header will describe the type of payment (cash, check, credit card, insurance payment, etc.)
  3. Payment Details: The chart will detail the payments made including the status, date entered, date posted, type, patient name, account number, reference number and payment amount.
  4. Nonposted Payments: Indicates any payments that have been entered into the system, applied to charges, but have not been posted to the patient's ledger. These payments will be found in the patient's New Charges tab of their patient account. This status will show an Entered Date, but no Posted Date.
  5. Unapplied Payments: Indicates any payments that were taken from the patient and entered, but not officially applied toward any charges (ex: Co-Pays and Pre-Payments). This status will show an Entered Date, but no Posted Date.

3. Print or Save Report as Desired

If desired, the user may print or save the report using the menu bar located at the top of the Print Preview page.

  1. Print
  2. Save as PDF, Excel, CSV or other file type.
  3. When finished, click the Close Print Preview button.