File Claims to Secondary Insurance

Q: How do I file claims to the secondary insurance?

1. Post Insurance Payments

After posting an insurance payment for a patient's primary insurance, you can then set the next action for the claim to be filed to the patient's secondary insurance.  For instructions on posting insurance payments, please see: Create an Insurance Payment.

2. Confirm Next Action for Claim

  1. When posting the insurance payment for primary insurance to a visit, if the patient has a secondary insurance policy set up in their Insurance Demographics section, the Next Action dialog will default to "File Secondary - Paper".  Confirm that this action is selected.
  2. Click the Save Claim button.

After the entire remit is applied to various charges, the user will click the Post Payment button.  This will place all secondary claims into the On Hold section of the Claims Manager where they can be rebuilt, scrubbed and processed.

3. Rebuild Secondary Claim

In the Claims Manager (Billing > Claims Manager):

  1. Highlight the secondary claim located in the On Hold section.
  2. Click the Rebuild button.

The claim will be moved into the Pending section.

4. Scrub the Secondary Claim

  1. Highlight the secondary claim in the Pending section.
  2. Click the Scrub button.

5. Submit the Secondary Claim

If there are no errors found in the SOAPware scrubber, the claim will be moved to the Ready To Submit section of the Claims Manager.  Select the claim, then click the Submit Selected button to file to the secondary insurance (paper).