Enter the Diagnosis

Q: How do I enter the diagnosis?

1. Open the SOAPnote

Open an existing SOAPnote or create a new SOAPnote.  

See: Create a SOAPnote for help.

2. Place Cursor into Assessment Field

2. Place Cursor into Assessment Field

Place your cursor into the Assessment field of the SOAPnote.  The bold green brackets indicate that the field is active and you can begin entering documentation.

3. Enter SMARText Diagnosis

3. Enter SMARText Diagnosis

1.  Type the name of the diagnosis.  Leave the cursor directly behind the last letter that was typed.

2.  Press the Shift + the F11 key on your keyboard.

3.  Double-click on the appropriate diagnosis.

4.  The SMARText diagnosis has been entered into the patients Assessment field, complete with the associated ICD code.