What is a Direct Address?

The Direct Project

The Direct Project offers secure clinical messaging for collaborating with colleagues. Each provider or their organization can have a Direct Address that can be used to send and receive secure messages. myHEALTHware supports Direct messaging and provides a Direct Address for all myHEALTHware clinic users. Other providers or colleagues can acquire Direct Addresses from other sources or HISP’s (Health Information Service Provider). myHEALTHware allows you to securely message and communicate with anyone who has a Direct Address with a HISP that is connected to myHEALTHware.

Direct Site

Direct Site

Go to trust.myhealthware.com.  This site was created to help you use the Direct Network to send and receive secure, electronic messages back and forth between clinics.

The myHEALTHware Direct Site allows you to see a list of Direct Domains, Trusted HISPs, and Trust Bundles, that myHEALTHware is connected with, and currently supports.