Upload all Custom SMARText Items and Docuplates to the SOAPware Online Library

This lesson will provide you with the necessary information to safely upload all your customized SMARText items and docuplates before you convert.

Customized SMARText Items - Macros - Docuplates

If you have edited or modified any SMARText items, macros, or docuplates in your practice database, it is very important to upload them all to the SOAPware online library, PRIOR to converting.

Key Points

  • Make sure each item/macro/docuplate has a common, unique keyword attached.  For example: clinic initials, physician's last name...paired with a unique number. [ SLC4]  This unique keyword will aid you in being able to quickly locate all of your items/macros/docuplates, from within the online library.
  • CPT codes that were edited or modified cannot be uploaded to the SOAPware online library. (CMS guidelines)

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