Meaningful Use Core Set Objectives (All 15 Required)

For those Clinicians participating in Meaningful Use, be sure to review the 15 links below to view his/her responsibilities pertaining to meeting these core requirements.  Many of the items listed below require specific set up and a check of your security settings in SOAPware in order to meet the objectives listed.

1.  Record Demographics

1.  Record Demographics

2.  Record Vital Signs

3.  Maintain Problem List

4.  Active Medication List

5.  Medication Allergy List

6.  Record Smoking Status

7.  Clinical Summaries

8.  Electronic Copy of Health Information

9.  ePrescribing (eRx)

10.  CPOE for Medication Orders

11.  Drug Interaction Checks

12.  Electronic Exchange of Clinical Information

13.  Clinical Decision Support Rule

14.  Protect Electronic Health Information

15.  Report Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) to CMS/States

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