Install Practice Database

This lesson will provide information regarding the process for installing a SOAPware practice database.

SOAPware 2011 and 2012 are very different from Version 4; therefore, we recommend that all users have sufficient time to be able to practice their workflows and become familiar with SOAPware 2011/2012 before the live conversion takes place.  It is essential that the clinic allow sufficient time for each of their staff members to practice on the new version.  This will help them to become comfortable in navigating and performing their workflows in the new software and will make the transition from Version 4 much more efficient.  

1.  Contact Sales

Contact sales to purchase the SOAPware upgrade.

Customers can contact our Sales Department by calling them at (800) 455-7627 or your can request a quote by clicking here.  (Select "Sales/Quote" from the drop-down menu and a member of the Sales department will contact you.)

Note: SOAPware does offer a 30 day return policy should a practice decide to return SOAPware/cancel the upgrade.

2.  Submit a ticket to Support

Once the customer has purchased the SOAPware upgrade, our Support Department can assist the user with downloading a practice database.  This will allow the clinic to get hands on practice with the new version prior to completing their live conversion.

In order to install the practice database, please request the install by submitting a ticket to our Support department.

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