Schedule Hands-on Practice and Training for Providers and Staff


The differences between version 4 and 2011/2012 are vast.  In our experience, it is essential that users who are converting from version 4 have at least 3 hours of one-on-one remote training.  In the remote training sessions a SOAPware Certified Trainer will assist the user with becoming more familiar with the differences and help them become comfortable with any new workflows.

1.  Purchase Hourly EMR Training Session(s)- Minimum of 3 Hours Recommended

You can purchase EMR training in hourly increments. This type of training is conducted by remote training sessions, and is best utilized for training focused on specific areas of the SOAPware program. To purchase a training session, click here.

NOTE: We recommend a minimum of 3 training sessions for the providers and staff, prior to your conversion.

2.  Practice Workflows

It is important to practice your updated workflows on a daily basis to ensure that you and your staff have familiarity to the new version before converting.  It is also essential to make the time to have hands-on practice for providers and staff between each training session for retention purposes, and to trigger questions for our training staff, to discuss at the next training session.

3.  SOAPware EMR Workshops

For a more comprehensive clinic training for those who intend to train their staff on the SOAPware software, we recommend attending our workshop. Click here for more information!

4.  Communicate to our Trainers prior to Conversion

4.  Communicate to our Trainers prior to Conversion

Email your questions to: [email protected], and a certified trainer will get back with you! You can email us directly, or click here to fill  out the contact form as shown above.


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