12. Electronic Exchange of Clinical Information

This lesson will demonstrate the steps necessary to meet the Meaningful Use requirement for using an Information Exchange for Referrals.


SOAPware 2011 or later must be used.

Note: To determine the version of SOAPware being used, Click on Help > About SOAPware. This will open a window which will show the version and build of SOAPware currently in use.


Exchange clinical information and patient summary among providers and other patient-authorized entities. Clinics/Practices need to be able to send, as well as receive and display from other organizations, a minimum of:

* Diagnostic test results

* Problem list

* Medication list

* Medication allergy list

To meet the requirement, it is only necessary to perform at least one test demonstrating this capability.

Measure Criteria (No Longer Requried Effective 1.1.2013)

Objective: Capability to exchange key clinical information (for example, problem list, medication list, medication allergies, and diagnostic test results), among providers of care and patient authorized entities electronically.

Measure: Performed at least one test of certified EHR technology's capacity to electronically exchange key clinical information.

For more detailed information on this measure, please Click on the "Reference" link below. This CMS documentation includes information on exclusions, attestation requirements, a definition of terms and important additional information.


*Reference: CMS: Electronic Exchange of Clinical Information

CMS Stage 1 Changes

Beginning in 2013, CMS has amended the requirement for electronic exchange of clinical information.  This objective will no longer be required for Stage 1 for EPs, eligible hospitals, and CAHs.  

For more information on the Stage 1 changes and the removal of this measure, please see: Stage 1 Changes Tipsheet.

Measurement Calculation


This Meaningful Use measure requires that the eligible professional must attest YES to having performed at least one test of certified EHR technology's capacity to electronically exchange key clinical information during the EHR reporting period to meet this measure.

This measure is not tracked within the SOAPware Meaningful Use dashboards.

For more information on the attestation requirements for this measure, please see: CMS: Electronic Exchange of Clinical Information.

Exporting the CCR so it can be Electronically Exchanged

Exporting the CCR so it can be Electronically Exchanged

The Continuity of Care Record (CCR), is a patient health summary standard. It is a way to create flexible documents that contain the most relevant and core health information about a patient and to send this electronically from one care provider to another.  In order to export the CCR document from SOAPware, which can then be electronically exchanged according to the CMS criteria, users will:

1. With a patient's chart open, Click on Chart on the menu bar

2. Click Export

3. Click CCR

Use the CCR Feature

Use the CCR Feature

The CCR represents a "snapshot" of a patient's health data that is useful at the time of a clinical encounter, or when needing to share information on a patient, with another care provider. To learn how to use this feature, and how to create encrypted CCR files, see: Continuity of Care Record (CCR) Feature.

Electronically Exchanging the CCR Document

For more information and requirements on electronically exchanging the exported CCR document, please refer to the CMS guidelines in the following reference document: see, CMS Electronic Exchange of Clinical Information. Please review this document, as well as the Additional Information section of the document for further explanation.

In addition, there are several helpful FAQ's that have been posted by CMS regarding this measure.  Please click here for more information on what forms of electronic transmission can be used to meet the measure.