Meaningful Use Menu Set Objectives (5 out of 10)

For those Office Managers/Clinical Administrators whose clinicians are participating in Meaningful Use, be sure to review the link below to view his/her responsibilities pertaining to meeting this optional measure. The item listed below requires specific set up in SOAPware in order to meet the objective.

1.  Patient Lists

1.  Patient Lists

For more information see: Patient Lists.

Review All Meaningful Use Menu Set Objectives

In order for an eligible provider to meet Meaningful Use, the provider must complete all 15 of the Core Objectives listed previously.  In addition, the provider must choose 5 out of the 10 menu set objectives that have been defined by CMS.  

(Note: At least one of the public health measures must be chosen, then any other 4 objectives can be chosen to complete 5 out of the available 10).

To review the Meaningful Use Menu Set Objectives, please see: Menu Set Objectives.

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