Meaningful Use for Office Managers and Clinical Administrators

The following 3 links will provide the user with helpful Meaningful Use information for those Office Managers/Clinical Administrators, whose clinicians are participating in meeting Meaningful Use requirements.

1.  Introduction

2.  Registration and Attestation

2.  Registration and Attestation

3.  FAQ's

4. Meaningful Use Roadmap

SOAPware has created a helpful resource called the Meaningful Use Roadmap.  This roadmap will guide eligible providers through the 15 Core Set Objectives and 10 Menu Set Objectives for Meaningful Use.  The roadmap will walk the eligible provider step-by-step through the workflows required to meet the Meaningful Use objectives.  

We would suggest that providers, who are participating in the Meaningful Use Incentive Program, bookmark the link to the Meaningful Use Roadmap for quick review as needed.  To review the roadmap, please see: Meaningful Use Roadmap.

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