Intro to Rx Manager

The Rx Manager is the user's ePrescribing station. It is here that the user will finalize medications, view prescription history, check eligibility status, and send prescriptions to pharmacies.

Rx Manager Tabs

Rx Manager Tabs

The Rx Manager has 4 tabbed sections:

  1. Rx Pad - Used to write new prescriptions.
  2. Medications - Displays a list of previous prescriptions for the current patient.
  3. History - A sequential, transactional list of all prescribing actions previously performed within Rx Manager.
  4. Refill Requests - List of any pending electronic refill requests for the current patient.

Rx Manager Layout

On the Rx Pad the drug information appears in such a way so that individual sub-items (Strength, SIG, etc.) display in clearly delineated fields.  All the prescription sub-items in the Rx Pad are actually within pick lists.

Under the Medications, History, and Refill Requests tabs the drug information is in more of a spreadsheet format (i.e. straight rows and columns). This row/column view was created to make the task of reviewing lists of medications easier.

Ohio Based ePrescribing Entities

Click on each of the following links for more information regarding Ohio Prescribing requirements: