Report Reminder System

For further information on the Ohio Prescribing Requirements, please contact the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, or refer to the following Ohio Administrative Codes: OAC 4729-5-01(N) and OAC 4729-5-30.

Each time an Ohio user logs into SOAPware, a reminder box will pop up in the lower left corner of the SOAPware screen.  See image above.

  • The Learn More link will take the user to lessons in our online manual specifically for Ohio users.  This includes instructions on how to print the Prescriber Authentication Report, which SOAPware recommends printing on a daily basis.
  • You may close this reminder by clicking on the X or you may leave it open by clicking the push pin button.  Otherwise the reminder fades away after a few seconds.
  • This reminder will also be shown whenever the user changes active providers.  For more information, please see: Active Provider.

*Note - If you are an Ohio user who does not receive this reminder, please see: Setting up SOAPware for Ohio Prescribing.