Identity Proofing for ePrescribing

Identity Proofing Process (IDP) is Required to ePrescribe

Effective April 28th, 2016, Surescripts now requires that all newly registered Surescripts providers must complete an identity proofing process (IDP) before being granted access to submit ePrescriptions. This lesson details the steps required to complete the ePrescribing IDP.

1. IDP Invitation

1. IDP Invitation

First, you will receive an email invitation to undergo identity proofing. Please follow the instructions on this email in order to complete the IDP process and binding your token. This email may go into your junk/spam folder so please be sure to check those as well.

Within the email, you will find instruction, a link, and a video that will walk you through this entire process. You must click on the link to begin the identity proofing registration process.

This link will take the provider to the following page where you will receive a temporary session password. Please copy and save the temporary session password, so that if there are any issues during the process you may resume from where you last left off. When you have saved the code, please click ‘Next’.


On the next screen, please read through the instructions to ensure that you successfully complete IDP. We strongly urge you to read through these instructions.

Although it is not required, we strongly recommend having a personal Credit Card with you when you begin the IDP process. The card should be associated with your residence address.  Your card will not be charged; it is used by Experian to supply another layer of identity verification.

Upon hitting continue, you will be shown the InfinID Terms of Use. Please read through this document and click on the checkbox before proceeding further.

2. Identity Proofing

2. Identity Proofing

The next screen will be require the provider to fill in all required fields on the User Registration page marked with a red asterisk (*).

Please note: NPI, First Name, Last Name, Email, Medical License State, Medical License Number will be pre-populated with information pulled from the NPI Registry. Providers will not have the ability to change the content of these fields.

When entering the DEA number, please consider the following:

  • Please use all capital letters. For example, AA1234567, not aa1234567, or Aa1234567.
  • Enter your primary DEA number, not a specialty DEA or DEA for prescribing addiction medications.

Please note:

  • The fields on the right hand side of the screen are NOT required, but we HIGHLY recommend you enter at least Credit Card Number or Phone Number.
Registration Screen

Please note:

If a provider is not presented with IDP questions it could mean a few things, including but not limited to, a security freeze or fraud alert on their accounts. If this occurs, the provider will see a message after entering the demographic information that informs them of unsuccessful identity proofing.

Next, the provider will be required to answer 3-4 security questions pertaining to their financial history as shown below.


Based on the answers to the questions presented, as well as the initial information entered by the provider on the User Registration screen, Experian will determine whether or not the user has successfully passed IDP.

If you fail IDP, you must start the IDP process over.

Please note:

If you fail 3 times, you cannot attempt to go through IDP again for 24 hours. Failing IDP 3 times will automatically lock the account for a full 24 hours.

3. Password Creation

4. Password Creation

After successful completion of IDP, you must create a password and security question.

Password Creation

If you create a successful password, the box should be highlighted green.

4. Verification of the Experian Transaction Number

When your password has been created, InfinID requires that you wait for the Experian confirmation code. You must receive the Experian Transaction Number before proceeding to the next step. You may receive the Experian Transaction Number via SMS or mail.  Your mobile phone number must be supplied to receive the confirmation number via SMS.

If you have not received an SMS, or opted to not submit your mobile phone number, within 2-3 business days you should receive a letter via mail from our identity verification vendor, Experian. This letter will include an Experian Transaction Number for the identity proofing session you just completed. This letter will be mailed to the residence address you entered in during IDP.

Transaction Number

If you receive your Experian Transaction Number via SMS, you will be able to verify your Experian transaction section on the confirmation screen (step 5). If you did not input your mobile phone number or receive the SMS message, you must go back to your email and find an email titled “Identity Proofing Confirmation” once you receive the Experian transaction letter. This email will have the instructions and a link to proceed further.


When you click on the link, you will be taken to a page to verify your Experian Transaction Number, Password, Token Type, and One Time Passcode.

Enter Transaction Number

Please enter the appropriate details and click ‘submit’ button.

5. Verification of IDP Process

6. Verification of IDP Process

Once you have verified the Experian Transaction number successfully, you will receive an email with an InfinID confirmation code, also referred to as the “v-code”.

You will need to contact SOAPware to submit this code for verification.  When SOAPware receives your new SPI number assignment from Surescripts, a notification will be sent to you via email.  This is the final step of the IDP process.  When you receive the e-Rx email notification SOAPware, you have completed the IDP on-boarding.