Create Item Clusters and Bundles

An Item Cluster contains a group of structured SMARText items that can be placed inside different multi-sel pick lists, bundles and groupers.  Examples of structured SMARText items that might be used in a Severity cluster would be: Mild, Moderate, and Severe.  

*Note: It is not possible to insert an Item cluster directly into a patients chart.

Open the SMARText Items Manager

Open the SMARText Items Manager

Open the SMARText Items Manager by going to Docutainers > SMARText Items or by pressing F10 on the keyboard.

Create the Cluster

Create the Cluster

To create a SMARText Cluster, click on the Create New button (green plus).

Select the SMARText Type

Select the SMARText Type
  1. Select the Custom radio button.
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow.
  3. Click on the + (expander node) next to Generic.
  4. Click on the + next to Lists.
  5. Double-click on Item Cluster.

After the Item Cluster type has been selected, click the Create button.

Enter Cluster Demographics

Enter Cluster Demographics
  1. Description: Create a description for the item cluster.
  2. Keywords: Create keywords for the item cluster (All keywords should be one word separated by a comma and a space.  We also recommend placing a unique keyword for the clinic on all SMARText items that are created.)

*Note:  Item clusters cannot be inserted directly into the patient's chart, therefore,  it is not necessary to insert a Shortcut or Display Header for item clusters.

Locate Sub-Items

Locate Sub-Items

To build a cluster, all of the structured SMARText items within the cluster must already be created.  Structured SMARText items can be found by searching for the item in the SMARText Items Manager.

To search for an existing SMARText item:

  1. Type in a keyword for the structured SMARText item.
  2. Click on the Search button (the magnifying glass) to perform the search.  

For instructions on how to create Structured SMARText items, please see: Create Structured SMARText Items.

Place Structured SMARText Items into the Cluster

Drag the SMARText Items Manager to the left side of the screen and the SMARText Designer to the right side of the screen.

  1. Search for and locate each Structured Text item that will be placed in the item cluster (as described in the previous step).
  2. Drag and drop each of the structured items into the Item Settings box within the SMARText Designer window.  Repeat this step until all structured items are placed in the Item Settings box of the SMARText Designer.
  3. In the Item Separators area of the SMARText Designer window, select  the desired separator.  This setting will tell the item cluster (if multiple items are selected from the cluster) how to display the items within the users documentation. (Ex: If "Separate Lines" is selected, the items would display on separate lines when inserted into the documentation.  If "English List (and)" is selected, the items would display as follows: "mild, moderate, and severe" when entered inserted into the documentation.)
  4. Click the Save button to save thew new item cluster.

For another example of the steps just listed, refer to "Step 2" of the lesson found here: Step 2: Create an Item Cluster.

Insert the Cluster into a Pick List

The cluster has now been created and may be inserted into multiple pick lists.

Not shown in the screenshot above:

Open the SMARText Item Manager by Clicking on Docutainers > SMARText Items from the menu, or Click F10 on the keyboard.

Click on the green plus.

Click "Custom," and from the drop-down arrow, Click to expand the node by Generic, and well as Lists, and Select "Multi-Sel List."

As shown in the screenshot above:

  1. In the Designer, give the pick list a shortcut, description, keywords, and a display header.  In this example our header that will display in the documentation is: " Patient states their pain is:."
  2. Type in the keyword for searching purposes into the SMARText Item Manager and Click on the Search button.
  3. Highlight the Cluster and drop and drop the Cluster into the Item Settings box within the Designer.

Always Click Save.

The new pick list is ready for use within the patient's chart.  Just enter the keyword given to this pick list and Click enter on your keyboard!

Item Bundles vs Item Clusters

Item Bundles are created with the same steps as Item Clusters, however, they will display differently within SMARText Quick Access.  Also, just like clusters, bundles cannot be placed directly into a patient's chart and must be placed within another type of SMARText list.  

In the example above, the Chief Complaint Pick list contains one Cluster and one Bundle.  The cluster automatically displays all of the sub-items while the bundle must be checked within Quick Access, to display it's sub-items.

  1. Item Cluster
  2. Item Bundle

The choice between creating an Item Cluster verses an Item Bundle all depends on how the user wishes for the sub-items to display within the pick list.


Creating Item Bundles Using SMARText Item Builder

Item Bundles can also be created using the SMARText Item Builder workspace.  For instructions on creating bundles using this workspace, please see: List Creator.