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Can I share my medical information with my family member using myHEALTHware?


myHEALTHware allows you to create a connection with another myHEALTHware user.  Once you have created a connection with the user, you can create new conversations with the user and add them to existing conversations!

1.  Create an Account

1.  Create an Account

In order to share information with your family member, they must first sign up for a free myHEALTHware account.  They will need to go to

They can then click on Accept Invitation.

The family member can then select Create New Account, and click Continue.

An email address that the family member would like the invitation to be sent to, will need to be entered, then click the Sign Up button.

The invitation will be sent to the family member's email address that was provided.  The family member will need to click on the link within this invitation to continue the registration process.

2. Add a New Connection

After your family member has signed up for their own, free, myHEALThware account, you will then be able to create a connection with them.  For instructions on adding a new connection, please see: Add a People Connection to My Account.

3. Begin Using myHEALTHware to Share Secure Health Information with Family Members!

Congratulations! You are now connected to your family member via myHEALTHware!  You and your family members now have access to exciting feature within myHEALTHware, including:

myHEALTHware™ for Patients

  • Securely view your current medical record and communicate online with clinicians
  • Keep an ongoing health record editable across different facilities and providers
  • Choose which portions of your health record to share
  • Request appointments and medication refills
  • Complete required paperwork and update information before your appointments
  • See outstanding account balances, print receipts, and pre-pay for services
  • Access educational materials
  • Manage your health efficiently with email, text, or voice reminders
  • Access your health record from any computer with internet

myHEALTHware™ for Family Members

  • View and update a family member’s personal health information securely online (with permission)
  • Manage prescription refills, payments, and appointment requests
  • Upload and view important documents such as advance directives
  • Receive updates regarding hospital stays and ER admissions
  • Educate yourself about a loved one’s specific medical conditions