Release Notes & New Features for the Current Release


Ability to download certain data in bulk from myHEALTHware:


When sending a new fax users can select the option to "Download after send."  When the fax is successfully sent it will automatically be downloaded as well.  The selection to "Download after send" will be remembered when the next fax is sent using the same browser.

Blocking Fax Numbers

myHEALTHware now has the ability to block (auto-archive) fax numbers.

More Options for Filtering Payments

Users can now filter payments by single day and choose the current day or any day prior.  After selecting a particular day the user can navigate to the previous day by clicking to the left or the user can navigate to the next day by clicking to the right.  

Error Icon for Failed Faxes

When a fax fails to send an error icon will display next to the number of unread faxes.  Clicking on the error icon will show the unread faxes that failed to send.  Clicking to view these faxes will remove the error icon.

Viewing Unread Items

Clicking the number of unread conversations, faxes, or payments will open the appropriate listing.


  • Resolved issue occurring with security codes that begin with a zero

8/25/2017 Release

Name Displayed on Payment Method

Hovering over the payment method in ePay will now display the card/bank account name in addition to the last 4 digits of the account number.

Ability to Use Card Reader for ePay

ePay now includes the capability to use a point of sale card reader to input payment data, such as this one available on Amazon.

Fax Invoice

myHEALTHware fax invoices will now be sent prior to charging the user's account.  The invoice will show up as unread under the Payments Sent tab, and the badge count will increment to notify users of the unread invoice.

*Note:  As a result of this change, the usage portion of the bill will be delayed by 30 days so the next invoice may be lower than expected.

Additional Items in this Release

  • Resolved issue where some contacts were showing as both connected and expired.
  • Resolved error that some users received when sending faxes.
  • Added a requirement that fax numbers must be 10 digits due to errors caused by 9 digit numbers.
  • Resoved an issue causing the fax badge count to display incorrectly when deleting unread faxes.
  • Resolved an issue resulting in some payments without a patient name attached

8/15/2017 Release

Personalized myHEALTHware Clinic Web Page

myHEALTHware has added a new feature that provides the clinic with a myHEALTHware web page that can be customized and provided to patients to access myHEALTHware. The image below is an example of the personalized web site that will be created for your patients to utilize.

Personalized Web Page
Org Profile Settings

To personalize the web page and modify the information presented, log in to myHEALTHware and select your Organization from the "You are acting as" drop-down menu.

  1. Click on the Settings tab.
  2. Select the Profile tab.
  3. The URL to your personalized myHEALTHware page is located under the "myHEALTHware Web Address" section.
  4. To personalize the information viewed on this web page, modify your Address, Phone, Email, Description, and Organization Name.

Additional Items in this Release

myHEALTHware Fax

  • Added a feature that will mark a new Draft fax as "unread" so that it can be flagged for the user.
  • Resolved an issue with myHEALTHware Desktop print to fax.

8/4/2017 Release

Accepting Point-of-Sale Payments

Receive a Payment

myHEALTHware has added a new feature that allows the clinic to take a new payment from a customer in their office or over the phone and process the payment using ePay!  

To process a payment, the clinic staff member will:

  1. Access the Payment tab in myHEALTHware.
  2. Click on Receive a Payment.
Make a Payment

The Make a Payment screen will appear where the clinic staff can enter the following information to process the payment:

  1. Patient name: If the patient is already a contact in myHEALTHware, typing in the patient name will search the clinics contact list so an existing patient can be chosen. If the patient is not a current contact in myHEALTHware, the clinic will have the option to create a new contact or simply process the payment without creating a contact.
  2. Reference number: The clinic can enter the account, invoice, or other reference number for the payment.
  3. Amount: Enter the amount of the patient's payment.
  4. Comments: Enter an any additional comments to accompany the payment.
  5. Add a payment method: Enter the patients payment method
Save Contact

When adding a payment method for a myHEALTHware contact, the clinic will have the ability to store the patients payment method in myHEALTHware.  This allows the clinic quicker processing of payment the next time they wish to process a payment for the patient through ePay.  Check the "Save contact payment method" to store the payment method with the selected contact.


After the payment is processed, the clinic will have the option of emailing a receipt to the patient.  If a receipt needs to be printed, the clinic can click OK and then print the receipt from the main Payments screen.

Payment History

After the payment has processed, the clinic can select the payment and click on View History.  This will display a history of the payment, including the name of the staff member that processed the charge and the date and time it was processed.

Link to Contact

myHEALTHware has also added a feature that allows the user to link a payment made as a "Guest Payment" to an existing contact.  Linking the guest payment to a contact will help to associate the payment to the contact for future features that are added. To link a guest payment to a contact:

  1. Select the payment.
  2. Click on Link to Contact in the Actions panel.
Link Contact to Payment

The Link Contact to Payment screen will appear with the name entered in the Guest Payments window in the Search box.  

  1. Modify the name (if needed) to search for the appropriate contact.
  2. Select the contact that you wish to link.
  3. Click Link Contact.

This will link the guest payment to the contact in myHEALTHware.

Features Added to Contacts

New Actions

myHEALTHware has added two new Actions for Contacts.  

  1. Mark as Unread/Read: You can now make the contact as either read or unread.  A contact will automatically be marked as unread if action is needed on the contact, such as the invitation has bounced or it is in an authorization failed status.
  2. Manage Payment Method: Added a payment method (credit card or bank account) to the contact and store it so it can be used to process an ePay payment in the future.
Postal Address

You can now add a Postal Address to an Organization contact.  In addition, you can quickly view the postal address on Google Maps.

Additional Features and Release Notes in this Release

  • Added a feature that will use the fax number from the Organization profile on the fax cover page.
  • Added a feature that will display the fax error reason.
  • Added a feature that will display a conversation members Relationship (eg: patient/staff member) and Role (eg: Basic/Premium or if staff, Clinician/Nurse/etc).
  • Removed the ability to mark an archived item as "unread".
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing the user from removing connections that were tied to multiple contacts from just one of the contacts.
  • Added the ability to change the contacts relationship and/or role while the invitation to the contact is still pending.

6/30/2017 Release

The Contacts interface in myHEALTHware has been redesigned to allow for easier viewing of contacts and better performance.

  • Resolved an issue with the Community Forums link on the myHEALTHware Help page.

myHEALTHware ePay

  • Added a feature that allows the clinic user to view a log of all activity that has happened on a payment by clicking on "View History" for the payment.
  • Instant bank account verification now available for over 1500 new banks (80% of US banks)
  • Added a tool tip to the payment filter button in ePay.

myHEALTHware Fax

  • Added a feature that will mark faxes that result in a sending error as unread.  This will increment the unread fax count/badge count to notify the user of the failed fax.
  • Resolved an issue where the creating a contact from a Fax number was not saving the name or fax number fields.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the fax item to become un-expandable when attempting to add several new fax contacts using already existing fax numbers.
  • Resoled an issue where searching for a contact after displaying a fax was opening the last opened fax, rather than performing the contact search.

5/24/2017 Release

  • Added a feature that renames the My Health panel to "My Apps".
  • Added a feature that allows the user to delete a Conversation.
  • Made improvements to the workflow for creating contacts in myHEALTHware.

myHEALTHware Fax

  • Added a feature that will automatically deselect processed myHEALTHware Fax pages as processed when certain actions are performed.
  • Added a feature that will automatically remove a Fax Draft after the user send the fax.

myHEALTHware ePay

  • Added a feature that will format the Social Security Number properly on the Merchant/Account Representative screen in the ePay installation wizard.
  • In the myHEALTHware ePay Guest Payments screen, changed the First and Last Name labels to display as "Patient First Name" and "Patient Last Name".
  • Resolved an issue where setting a birth date was only displaying one digit on the Merchant/Accoutn Representative screen in the ePay installation wizard.
  • Modified the icon for ACH payments to utilize the banking icon, rather than the credit card icon.
  • Improved the readability of the first slide on the ePay installation wizard.
  • Improved the layout and instructions on ePay Settings.