This lesson walks you through updating your 2010-2012 or 7 version of SOAPware, to the latest version.

Update Pre-Requisites

Update all SOAPware Programs

When the SOAPware system is updated, all computers running SOAPware, SOAPwareXchange or SOAPwareXchangeHL7 MUST be updated to the latest version. Data Manager should be updated in general, but check the the update lesson for Data Manager below for specific update instructions for Data Manager.

Plan an update time

NOTE: SOAPware cannot be used during the update process. The update process can take many hours.

It is always recommended to back up your database before updating SOAPware.

Check Hardware Recommendations

Click here to check the recommended specs for the latest version of SOAPware. For optimal use, ensure that your PC's in the office meet the recommended specifications and minimum hardware recommendations.

Note: The current version of Data Manager is 2012.0.1019.


No Data Server
SOAPware Header
SOAPware Data Manager
SOAPware SOAPware Xchange
SOAPware Data Manager

SOAPware Xchange HL7

SOAPware CloudSync

SOAPware CloudSync

SOAPware CloudSync is a new utility that transfers a QRDA I data file of a patients chart from SOAPware to SOAPware's Clinical Quality Measure calculation engine in order for users to obtain the CQM statistics.

Please click the following link for instructions on downloading and installing CloudSync: Installing SOAPware CloudSync.